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xSolutions is a responsible provider of tailored consultancy services to suit different companies everywhere in Finland, including their foreign branches. Our consulting office in Espoo and Joensuu supports companies that need help with project implementation, technology decisions, outsourcing, clarification of goals, business development or change.

Our consultancy services can support you with, for example, outsourcing, digitalisation, developing your services and project management. In addition, we offer complete feature data packages and these can, where required, also be offered on a turnkey basis.

Service Development

We will help you to discover which services your company should invest in and what direction to take with the developing process. We will uncover your company's core potential and provide a solid framework to help you turn your services into products. 

By focusing on the right services, you can achieve your sales targets. We will help you with the productisation process, to manage your investments and develop your services including improvements of production efficiency. With our help, you can package your services into manageable saleable units. 

In service development, we have helped our customers e.g.

  • determining customer needs

  • in the productization of services, taking into account production, sales and margins

  • developing service portfolio management

  • reforming and clarifying what it offers

  • improving cost efficiency

Project Management

We deliver project management and management responsibly, with solid experience, including challenging and long-term projects. Our project management model keeps project costs and schedules under control, but also knows how to react to changes and manage changes in a controlled way as part of project delivery. In projects, our primary task is to take care of achieving results, taking into account costs, schedule and quality.


We also provide assistance in developing the project delivery process, taking into account operating methods, criteria, tools, approval and investment. Good project management is the efficiency of monitoring and the project method and no burden on the project organization.

Our project services include:

  • developing project expertise and leading projects

  • development of methods, monitoring and management

  • planning, designing and leading challenging projects with responsibilities

  • executive group work on large and / or strategic projects

Procurement and Outsourcing

Our experience and expertise in drafting partnership agreements helps minimize the challenges of outsourcing. Contractual content such as response times, responsibilities, quality criteria, service times, sanctions, service prices, termination, IPR are things where we can help our customers right from the start of outsourcing.


We also provide support for partner management during the service, to the extent you want, for example during the stabilization of services.

The main contents of the service include:

  • definition of contract and service content

  • piloting services and developing co-operation

  • business management decision making and reporting

  • process definition and integration of operating models

  • managed transfer of service responsibilities

  • implementing and managing organizational change

Business Digitalisation

We support our customers in digitization projects from start to finish, from the definition of needs to the planning and implementation of the change process. Our comprehensive partner network is available to our customers insofar as sites need new types of sensors to measure and export data to real-time analytics.

Our digitization consulting meets needs such as

  • partner and technology selection including agreements

  • data collection and processing and analysis planning

  • security and availability

  • software, data center and / or SaaS services and maintenance contracts

  • application development and user interface design (2D or 3D)

  • real-time data modeling and management such as alarms and anomalies decision-making and reporting

  • production interfaces and external systems

  • business management consulting and decision support

Our customers

The majority of our customers are medium-sized B2B and B2C companies with international operations. Examples of services provided to our customer

  • Industry and Healthcare - Functionality and software design of services, construction, sensing and implementation of a multi-vendor model

  • Business Services - Reforming a company's investment management, processes, tools, decisions, monitoring implementations, with prospects for managers, management and owners

  • Service Business - Modernization of the production model of online services and its service platform, including the transfer of services

  • Business Services - Outsourcing including design, service definition, tendering, operational integration, change management and implementation, stabilization of service quality and operations

  • Facility Services - Modernization and digitization of business premises management service package design and technology choices

  • Manufacturing - Real-time factory production monitoring, design, technology, sensing, data collection, tendering for component supplies and software definition and implementation

  • Industry - Production modernization and real-time administrative visibility design and creation

  • Trade and Logistics - Redesign of the B2B office space

  • Construction Industry - Clarification of service offering, creation of new offer, contract and renewal of sales material

  • Software Services - Modernizing services, clarifying offering, and building a more efficient sales approach with updated sales materials

  • Healthcare - Service business software and technology solutions for home care services


With the help of our consultancy services even sizeable projects will be carefully planned and safely executed.

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