xSolutions is here to help your company to develop, transform and revitalise its business operations. We are a business and technology consulting company specialising in business and service development and change management. We help businesses to plan and carry out operational and functional changes to realise your desired outcome.  

We have solid expertise in the development of services, project management, procurement and outsourcing, implementation of changes, improvement of profitability, with the sales taken into account. We offer our services to all businesses operating in Finland regardless of their size, including any foreign branches. 

Turn to our consulting services and tackle the challenges caused by digitalisation


Your responsiple partner

For us, it is all about our clients –our clients' needs are at the heart of everything we do. We will support you all the way to the agreed achievement of the defined goals.


Guige to modern technology

We have a deep understanding of the challenges that new technology requirements can bring to even experienced companies. We know how to meet business challenges with the right technology solutions.


All you need

Our carefully selected partners are one of the enablers of our comprehensive service offering. Through us, you get everything you need, from consulting to ongoing maintenance services.


Enabling clafified roadmap

Our extensive experience in business development will help you clarify the necessary development activities and identify what works in the business and what should be developed.

We offer reliable consulting services based on your requirements 

xSolutions is an agile business development and business executive consulting company that does not shy away from assuming responsibilities. When our client describes us their challenges and objectives, our job is to help them reach their goals.

We can summarise the core elements of a well-oiled business and find the right technology solutions to achieve business objectives. We normally work as a natural part of the client company's own organisation. This way, we can ensure that our client gets optimal solutions.  


Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can also offer our customers large-scale, comprehensive deliveries that require special expertise in various business areas in a cost-effective manner. Our partners include service houses specializing in data center services, software development for sensors and 3D modeling. Especially in the design and delivery of large-scale solutions, without forgetting maintenance, our partners are often involved with their own special expertise.

Tailored services to all companies from small to large

We offer our services and strong expertise to companies operating in Finland, including their business functions and branches abroad. Our clients include young start-ups as well as international service and industry groups – we find the right solutions to meet each client's needs. We help businesses of all sizes to transform their operations and services to meet today's demands.


Our company uses ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 standards as well as ITIL and Cobit frameworks. In our project work, we utilize best practices from the IPMA and Price models. As part of the service, we always document everything we deliver, either directly to our customers' systems or to the xSolutions secure customer-specific service portal at the time of delivery.

The main bulk of our clients consists of mid-size B2B and B2C companies with international operations. Examples of companies that our clients represent:

  • Service businesses – like consumer service, facilities management providers and marketing service companies

  • Industry – like mining, building companies and material manufacturers

  • Manufacturing industry – like metal, timber and mechanical engineering

  • Healthcare sector – like home care service solutions and software solutions for the healthcare sector


The end result matters – xSolutions helps you to improve the quality and functionality of your services. Do not hesitate to reach out and learn more!

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