Digitalization and development of Business operations and Services

We are consulting and offering successful solutions based on your business needs

Business digitalization enhances your business and allows you to create completely new types of services. xSolutions Oy is an experienced systems integrator offering turnkey solutions for service digitalization beside consulting. We will help you to significantly improve your business transformation process, saving you time.

Our services are modular and intensified by subcontracting. This will enable you to achieve the best possible solutions to the desired extent, taking into account the special areas of your business.

Digitalisation solutions for all fields

Industry - Our core skills are within industry business operations and consulting. We offer exhaustive solutions from production systems to data storage and views.

Companies - We collect and archive information directly from core systems, production equipment and from various sources of information by combining them to be right impulses for your business. We are able to deliver solutions for your business modernization taking into account the digitization of your business, from service development to service offering.

Healthcare - Expert solutions and software's enables our customers to offer new kind of services that are based on real-time data including onsite personnel, sensors and measurement devices in assisted living homes and facilities.

From innovations to monthly paid services

01 Business Consulting

”For defining Digitalization approach and opportunities towards business development needs. From list of challenges to management board innovation sessions”

05 IoT Data Management

“Defining correct model for IoT data management. Divided, centralized, hybrid, relational or timeseries. Open source or Licensed. Finding out scalable solution for you data archive.”

02 Functionality Planning

”Ensuring definition and planning of required functionality and elements towards desired business capability and views. Assisting to find effective approach by benchmarking additional ways”

06 Industrial solutions

“xGateway, the element for industrial secure data access with buffering capabilities. Get real-time data directly form manufacturing (logic) systems for you business use. Design and services up to multi factory IoT solutions.”

03 Application Services

“Application development and UI design that creates functional (2D or 3D) business views for defined business needs. From coding to sourcing the best applications to your business needs“

07 Business Development

“How to create clear and modular services to sell. Defining efficiency, tools and processes for you product development. Defining required level on productizing for your sales efficiency”

04 Connectivity Consulting

“How to make it connected with long term cost efficiency. m2m APN, thru the internet, remote access, connectivity services for global usage. What is your choice and how to make it reliable and secure”

08 Project Management

“Coaching, supporting and taking care of your Project Management challenges or just assisting to find efficiency, methods or tools for your PMO”

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We will gladly explain in more detail how the digitalisation of your business will bring added value to your organisation. We have several customer stories that have resulted in successes, and we are happy to provide you with examples. Get in touch!